True Life Audio's design philosophy is the same since day one of the company's existence and will be remain unaltered for the future. In a phrase, "We aim for excellence in everything we do".

Passion and enthusiasm combined with extreme skills, is what enables us to achieve the highest possible standards of performance and innovation. We truly believe that "good enough is merely a starting point". We always seek to further develop the highest existing standards for sound quality, in a manner that our customers will have a "True Life Audio" experience when listening to recorded music. This is what we call "XActive" sound reproduction. With the term "XActive", we mean a synonym for authentic sound that is as true and as distinct as the original source, not just a device that reproduces music considered to be of "hi-end" standards.

To achieve our goal, we are based on our -now famous- over 60 years experience in producing State of the art hand made audio transformers and we combine it, with the highest quality materials and components after testing out on what it is offered in the market as to use in our innovative circuits. We carefully select valves depending on their characteristics as to achieve the most efficient amplification circuit and we use the minimum possible number of stages for amplifying the signal.

Our approach is one of using the minimum active components possible as to mimic a "perfect (Xactive) straight wire amplification" which is the result of hundreds of listening hours, so that we can ensure that we have the optimum possible performance.

The Single Ended Triode (S.E.T.) amplifiers we make are all of 0 feedback, with no capacitor whatsoever used in the single path, hand made interstage transformers are used as to couple each stage with the next and additionally, valve rectification with choke filters which is independent for each amplification stage, but for each channel too is used.

In our push-pull series of amplifiers, we have achieved to almost fully retain the same sound purity that our S.E.T. amplifiers have (especially if the customer selects the triode operation mode), but with impressive power output that can drive demanding loads.

Furthermore, we continuously monitor and test our work so that if a new component or technique is found to improve on the one we use, we then integrate the upgrade into production. In addition, our more than sixty years of tradition in developing world class audio transformers never stops, there is continuous research and development to improve further on their quality.