True Life Audio is a company that makes state of the art hand made audio equipment of world class standard.

We call our products "XActive sound reproduction instruments", Xactive being a word of our creation as to describe the excellence, innovation, life time reliability and unsurpassed audio performance that our products offer. Our "XActive" devices, are implemented with minimal active parts used in the signal path, dedicated power supply for each stage, minimal  or zero feedback and interstage transformer coupling from one stage to the next for our S.E.T.

We pay special care so that all our products have "True Life" sound quality, with light-speed transients, phenomenal dynamics, deep & absolute bass control, luck of distortion, three dimensional sound staging, impressive micro detail and completely flat frequency response from the deepest of bass, up to the most airy of the highest frequency harmonics.

To achieve our "XActive" sound quality, the designs are all based on TLA's unique know-how of constructing state of the art audio transformers and innovative circuits. The transformer making facility of TLA is active from 1957. The chassis that is housing our "Xactive" devices, are also made on the company's own CNC and are of state of the art quality with all lettering being engraved on the manufactured surfaces.

Our line of products is essentially designed having in mind a perfect "straight wire" amplification and as such, to last forever and to improve in their performance with time. TLA's "Xactive" devices, are expected to keep their value (exactly like art pieces)  and to be appreciated as collector items.

TLA is not a company that targets mass production, our ability to only make a limited number of our handmade state of the art transformers, forbids such an approach. Our audio transformers are of more than 2MHz of bandwidth and 100KHz frequency response (more than 80KHz of the response is completely flat). To achieve this impressive performance, we have to implement in our world class transformers all the "secrets" we have developed during our over sixty years experience in transformer making, which is a time consuming process.